Top 10 Earned Hollywood Movies in 2017

It’s still early to know what the year will bring in terms of good or bad films. But as of February, the top ten earned Hollywood movies in 2017 films are bringing box office success and the major Hollywood studios and their collaborators are thrilled. Some are sequels to films that already are popular. But, in first place so far this year is the R-rated Deadpool. Fans are thrilled. Haters are not.

Top Quality-Top Dollars: Top Controversy

Deadpool has grossed a worldwide total of $520.6 million as of February 25, 2017. Deadpool also has the largest IMAX 2D first showing worldwide. It was shown in 606 theaters and brought in a record $27.4 million.

Being on the top has its rewards and conflicts. Fans of the Marvel Comics super hero on film love the gritty humor and action surrounding the illness and superhuman abilities of the main character, Wade Wilson. He is a mercenary working in New York City, and previously an operative for special forces. His ability to regenerate his own body is his superhero strength, but it leaves him disfigured and his interactions with the other characters is affected by this.

Critics of the movie come from many groups. Some conservative writers resent what they view as foul language and over-the-top use of violence and cruelty. Some are urging viewers to avoid the film on religious principles. Liberal writers praise the ribald and dark humor as being appropriate to the character and the violence as a natural part of the story. Some write that keeping true to the original comic book has propelled this X-Men film into its top spot.

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There’s a lot to be said about the Hollywood movies that have earned top dollars at this point in 2017. Reviewers are taking positions about the highest grossing films, supported by a mass of public chatter that has accompanied them. There’s also good reason for the numerous discussions. The blockbuster films are world-wide successes because they have tried something new. When they haven’t, falling back to the tried and true has still brought in the dollars.

Second in line to Deadpool, Risen has been a box office surprise. Its timely release may explain its early success, but even experienced film critics are surprised that the revenues have been so high. Kung Fu Panda 3 is a great example of sticking to a formula that has worked in the past, and seems to be doing so now. Star Wars: The Force Awakens already had its first release day success, and continues to bring profits from fans that waited long for the next installment of sci-fi royalty. This is one tried and true that is better than a plain old rehash and audiences know it.

Current U.S.A. Blockbusters

Though the numbers for these films are changing daily, concrete totals for U.S. box office current figures are available. These are only a portion of the worldwide gross, but the lineup for films stays remarkably consistent when comparing and combining their domestic and worldwide profits. Some films have larger or smaller gross totals in other markets globally.

Domestic Box Office Totals as of February 25, 2017

10. Hail, Caesar!

Daily gross = $195,775
Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $27,172,810

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Distributor: Universal

9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Daily gross = $309,435
Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $923,001,884
Distributor: Buena Vista

8. Zoolander 2

Daily gross = $312,477
Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $25,110,469
Distributor: Paramount

7. The Revenant

Daily gross = $371,566

Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $166,706,469
Distributor: Fox

6. Race (2017)

Daily gross = $482,713
Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $9,589,622
Distributor: Focus

5. Kung Fu Panda 3

Daily gross = $570,104
Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $119,455,359
Distributor: Fox

4. The Witch

Daily gross = $642,342

Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $11,608,529
Distributor: A24

3. How to Be Single

Daily gross = $658,292
Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $34,470,866
Distributor: Warner Bros.

2. Risen

Daily gross = $840,546

Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $15,703,747
Distributor: Sony / Columbia


Daily gross = $3,853,861
Domestic Total as of Feb. 25, 2017: $254,139,009
Distributor: Fox

Hollywood Film Studios: Locations of Power

Hollywood movies owe their existence to the traditional film-making operations known as the Big Six. These studios were located in the famous part of Los Angeles called Hollywood or in cities nearby. They include 20th Century Fox, Warner bros., Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists and RKO. Also important were Columbia, Universal and Disney Studios. Paramount still has its base in Hollywood, Disney and Warner Bros. are based in Burbank, Columbia is located in Culver City and Universal City is the unincorporated area that houses Universal.

Though the rest are huge conglomerates with headquarters around the world, and the Hollywood area today still is the term used to describe the local, nearby studios, what matters more is the industry’s ability to generate income. The major studios work today is backing and distributing films produced by other companies, with business dealings completed in Hollywood. Their power to create blockbuster films distributed worldwide distinguishes them as the new Hollywood.

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Nobody knows exactly what the numbers will look like on the next tally. With films from Hollywood seen around the globe and independent film makers and foreign production companies adding superb new works to the long list of what is available to view, the rankings for movies changes often. Movie fans can be certain that controversy will continue to be a part of the excitement of new film releases. Fun and games? Drama and conflict? Exactly.

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