Haier Pulsator Portable Washer HLP21N: Best Model in 2017


Haier Pulsator Portable Washer HLP21N is designed as a convenience based model for the best washing experience. It has the capacity of washing a significant number of clothes under single load and is a perfect machine for small homes with small families. With one-third of the size of a typical washer, this machine fits with all your needs without demanding much space. The ease to handle and adjusting to all types of floors is an added advantage. The customization-based model of this machine is a great challenge to existing typical washers. It is a way to save your time, money and energy without compromising on the grace of your outfits.

Haier HLP21N Pulsator Portable Washer


You can save energy at an impressive rate by using Haier HLP21N.The small sized design of the machine makes it convenient to use. It’s appropriate dimensions make it the best option to match the capacity of small homes with congested apartments. The rollers attached along the bottom side of the machine are also useful in the mobility from one apartment to the other. In addition, the sound emission rate is very low.

Features of Haier Pulsator Portable Washer

  • This washing machine has a stainless steel water tub of 1 cubic foot and has the capacity to take loads of up to 6 pounds.
  • It has three washing cycles and three levels of water.
  • It has an automatic electronic control through LED indicators.
  • The Haier Pulsator Washer undergoes a silent operating cycle with relevant signals to convey messages. It includes end of cycle alarm, cycle tracking lights and customizable level adjustments.
  • It has fluent rolling casters for smooth operations.
  • It has an easy to handle kit for fast installation, set up and water connections.
  • The dimensions are 36 x 23.2 x 23.2 inches.
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Haier Pulsator Portable Washer

Customer Satisfaction

According to the users of Haier HLP21N, a washer is a great machine with excellent proficiency in its job. There is no such issue faced by consumers, like leakages etc. Just try to prevent overloading and the machine will do great. It is a perfect machine for a small family. Sometimes for heavy loads, the users have to use extra spin but they are comfortable with this.
In addition, it has a small installation procedure. The users claimed that it takes merely a few minutes and there are no troubles like typical washers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Though the product offers a wide range of advantages, the main advantage is that it is a portable washer with a mini size. The washer has a lighter weight as compared to others and the rolling casters make it easily movable to anywhere you want. On the other hand, a major disadvantage is that of its limited capacity. It only keeps the laundry level of up to 1 cubic foot. As mentioned before, this is perfect for a small family but not suitable for a family with a large number of members.

Common Questions Asked

Following are the common question asked by potential customers.

  1. Is there any hose along with this Haier HLP21N washer?
    Yes, the hose comes with this machine.
  2. Is it possible to pour water instead of connection with a faucet?
    Yes, you can do so.
  3. Does it have an annoying sound while the operating cycle of the machine?
    No, it is completely quiet.
  4. Is there any spin cycle in Haier HLP21N?
    Yes, it has a significant spin cycle.
  5. What is the average cycle time?
    It is 45 minutes approximately.
  6. Is it safe to keep the faucet on throughout the cycle period?
    Yes, it is safe, because there are automatic stoppers in it.
  7. Does it clean well?
    Yes, your clothes will have a fresh and clean feel.
  8. What is the water usage level?
    It uses up to 7 gallons of water in maximum usage.
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The priorities of customers vary from customer to customer. So it solely depends on your choice for a portable washer, but the Haier HLP21N may be a nice match to your needs. If there is limited storage capacity in your home, or if you are very conscious about energy consumption, this machine is a perfect package for you. With the flexible control system, you can manipulate the options and use it according to your needs. This Haier Pulsator Portable Washer is perfect for the perfect small family.

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