Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor: Smart Bracelet Pedometer in 2017

Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Hembeer V3 Smart Bracelet Pedometer Activity Tracker Sleep Monitor Bluetooth 4.0 Wristband.

There is a broad market for products like fitness gadgets. In the contemporary era, many smartphones are offering the service of such gadgets with Samsung being on the top of list. It is actually the health related consciousness rising among the general masses that triggers the companies to manufacture such products. Today, there is a number of competing products in this very market and new entrants are coming in the market everyday.


The Hembeer V3 smart bracelet pedometer is a device designed for professional tracking of your medical parameters like heartbeat, stress management, exercise planning, sleep wake cycle management and the like. In addition, it has numerous features like a gorgeous display, a great notifications system, and an appealing aesthetic value.

Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Hembeer V3 Smart Bracelet Pedometer


It is quite beneficial to maintain the automatically generated record of you day long activities. It is safe to carry because the chances of losing it are limited. You can enjoy a suitable exercise plan through this device. The automatic recognition by your device about your sleep wake cycles is again an advantage for anyone. The data storage function will prevent loss of your activity data and this device enables you to restore your data of up to 7 days.

Features of Fitness Tracker

Following are the main features of this product:

  • This pedometer device is a professional heart rate monitor. It has a manual control system with a daily time cycle of 24 hours.
  • It works as a sports management gadget with simultaneous features of evaluating the steps, the corresponding calorie burning and manipulates the capacity for future sports activities.
  • You will get notifications or reminders through direct vibrations on your device. These vibrations may indicate calls, messages or any of the social media website like Facebook, Instagram or twitter.
  • The rest of the secondary features are reminders for sedentary, the alarms and the sleep-wake cycle management.
  • According to its core function, it is one of the best possible gifts for your loved ones including your friends and family.
  • It has an anti-lost feature as well as it starts to vibrate when it goes beyond the specified range of 5m.
  • The device features shooting pictures remotely as well.
  • The total weight is only 25g
  • The total capacity of the battery is 60mAh.
  • A Bluetooth 4.0 is also built in for data synchronization.
  • This device is waterproof as well.
  • The standby timing is 5 to 10 days.
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Activity Tracker Sleep Monitor Bluetooth 4.0 Wristband

Customer Satisfaction

According to customer reviews, they love to use this device due to its unique features. It is very convenient and user friendly. The users just need to put the band off and connect with the USB for charging and data transfer purposes. The device is great in its properties of tracking the steps and keeping a record of the sleep cycles. The battery timing of more than one week is amazing and consumers really enjoy it. The users call it a great product for the value of money. It is a multi-attributed package of awesome quality. With numerous features under one product, it is definitely a great gadget that all of us would like to have.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The great advantage of using this device is to perform multiple tasks through a single device. Besides, a long lasting battery timing is not only easy to handle, but also energy saving.
The major disadvantage is that it does not reflect the true picture. The steps are either over calculated or flawed. Similarly, the amount of calories is also not very accurate. But this is a drawback found in many other similar devices as well.

Common Questions Asked

Following are the main questions asked by the consumers.

  1. Is it adaptable with windows phone and the iPhone?
    Yes it works with windows phone as well as the iPhone.
  2. What is the age limit for this device?
    12 years and above.
  3. Is there any display for time and date?
    Yes, both are displayed on the main screen.
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By keeping in view the feedback and remarks of consumers, it is a safe investment. The price is totally fair for the value it delivers. Have a safe journey with this fitness tracker.

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