Top 5 Best Snow Blowers in Reviews 2017

Best Snow Blowers which are sometimes called snow thrower is a machine for removing snow from an area where it is not wanted, such as a driveway, sidewalk, roadway, railroad track, ice rink, or runway.

Handling a snow blower in zero-degree weather or heavy wind is surely tougher than mowing the lawn. This is why it is important to consider some factors when investigating on a snow blower. These factors include snow blowing abilities, quality, maneuverability and additional features.

There are two main types of snow blowers- those with a single stage system and the ones with two stage systems.

  • Single-stage systems: These snow blowers have one auger that cuts the snow and discharges it into the chute.
  • Two stage systems: They spot an additional fan that makes for a more powerful snow throwing performance. They are more expensive and are a worthwhile investment if you have a larger area to clear and expect heavier snowfall.

Snow throwers can either be electric or gas powered. It is better to purchase the gas-powered thrower if you have a large area to clear. While the electric for smaller areas.

When looking for a snow thrower, it is important to look out for the ones that are easy to use, reliable and does not require a large amount of maintenance. Here is our list of top 5 best snow throwers.

5. Toro Power Clear 721E 38742 – Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower

5. Toro Power Clear 721E 38742

This is a single stage snow thrower system that is gas powered and low priced. This snow thrower holds its own.

Key Features:
• Weight: 83 pounds
• Engine: Toro 212cc 4-cycle OHV
• Cylinder displacement: 254 cc
• Working width: 21 inches
• Intake Height: 12.5 inches

The Power Clear 721E 38742 has a “Power Propel” with an integral scraper- auger-assisted drive, to make it easy to push and maneuver while staying low to the pavement to clear everything in its path, and it has a power curve system that allows it to clear lots and lots of white stuff without clogging – as much as 1800 pounds of snow per minute at depths up to 9 inches – and throw it as far as 35 feet. The clearing width of 21 inches is more than you’ll find on comparable machines.

4. Toro 38381 18-Inch – Electric 1800 Power Curve Best Snow Blowers

Snow Blower - Toro 38381 18-Inch

This is an electric power curve snow blower that covers a large area of snow. It has an 18-Inch clearance width and 12-Inch intake height for quick clearing.

Key Features:
• Weight: 26 pounds
• Motor: 15-amp series wound electric, corded
• Working width: 18 inches
• Throw Distance: 30 feet

This corded thrower can handle up to 700 pounds of snow per minute but its weight is light enough that it feels like pushing a lawnmower even though it doesn’t have power drive capability. The Power Curve technology on this machine is interesting; the curved rotor and the housing in the shape of an inverted funnel are designed to move snow efficiently and prevent clogs, allowing the snow thrower to clean an area more quickly than you would expect. It has an ergonomic handle, a zip deflector to throw snow in your choice at high, medium or low heights and the chute rotates 160 degrees.

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3. Snow Joe iON18SB – Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower

Snow Blowers - Snow Joe iON18SB

This is a cordless snow blower that is battery-powered, lightweight yet durable. This snow thrower which is perfect for smaller jobs like driveways and sidewalks covered in fluffy snow.

Key Features:
• Weight: 32 pounds
• Motor: 40V 4Ah EcoSharp rechargeable lithion-ion battery
• Drive: Auger-Assisted
• Working width: 18 inches
• Throw Distance: 20 feet

Although it’s small, this machine can move nearly 500 pounds of snow per minute, cut an 18-inch path that’s eight inches deep, and toss snow up to twenty feet thanks to a steel auger with two rubber blades. That’s more than enough for most homeowners.

The Snow Joe is powered by a 40-volt lithion-ion battery, which will last for about an hour of operation before the need to recharged. It has some nice extras, like a chute that rotates 180 degrees at the push of a button and a LED headlight.

2. Poulan PRO PR270 27 Inch – Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower

Best Snow Blower - Poulan PRO PR270 27 Inch

This is a two-stage electric snow blower with a bit more power and clearing width. It is a gas-powered blower with a two-stage machine with ribbon augers powered by a 254cc LCT engine with electric start.

Key Features:
• Weight: 240 pounds
• Engine: LCT Poulan PRO, gas-powered
• Cylinder displacement: 254 cc
• Gross Torque: 9.5 lb/ft
• Working width: 27 inches
• Intake Height: 23 inches

The Poulan Pro has six forward speeds and one reverse speed which makes it easier maneuvering the blower, and the chute rotates 180 degrees with a remote deflector. From a usability perspective, the control panel has been improved and redesigned which makes for easy operation with thick gloves. Flood lights come as standard with this snow blower – they turn on immediately when the snow blower starts.

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1. Husqvarna ST224 – Two-Stage Electric Start with Power Steering Snowthrower

Best Snow Blowers - Husqvarna ST224

This is a 24-Inch 208cc Two-Stage Electric Start with Power Steering Snowblower that is capable of clearing large driveways easily.

Key Features:
• Weight: 240 pounds
• Engine: 208cc LCT gas-powered
• Gross Torque: 9.5 lb/ft
• Working width: 24 inches
• Intake Height: 23 inches
• Auger diameter:12 inches

This gas-powered, two stage machine has the capability to throw snow upwards of 60 feet and is designed to work in all types of snow conditions. With its weight at 240 pounds, the manufacturer has done everything in their power to ensure this blower is as maneuverable as possible. It also has large 15-inch tires with oversize thread and thanks to its adjustable skid shoe it will work on any surface. The Husqvarna is powered by a 208cc motor with infinite hydrostatic drive and has large tracks, which ensures you can go forward or backward, uphill or down, fast or slow, all with perfect control.


You can always make use of a snow shovel to clear the area around your house but we promise you a better experience whenever you use these snow throwers we have recommended you.

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